Current WIPs!

Currently working on:
Less a Quest Than a Quilt

A canon divergent rewrite of The Owl House featuring 5 full seasons, deeper history and lore, a slightly darker tone, and an exploration of characters choosing love over everything else.

Ships: Luz/Amity/Willow, Gus/Matt, Eda/Raine

On the backburner:
An unnamed Critical Role Campaign 2 Extention

Canon divergent at C2Exx - what would have changed had Lucien come back to protect the threshold crest? Featuring: The M9 losing in Cognoza, the Somnovum slowly corrupting Exandria, a Molasmyr arc, a pitstop in Whitestone, another ocean adventure, rescue missions, Betrayer Gods, and Verin!

An unnamed BNHA rewrite

A canon divergent rewrite exploring what would have happened if Midoriya had been born with a powerful amplification quirk that was used by AFO to create Trigger, and then taken in that first near-fatal battle with All Might. Also features a lot of Shinso headcanons/backstory, second-year OCs, Endeavor bashing, a Bakugo redemption arc, less sexy costume designs for the literal 16 year olds, and a comparison of the moral greys found in both heroism and villainy :)